Toxicology Billing

3 to 5%  of Net Collections

based upon volume


Toxicology Laboratory Billing

As the builders of the billing tools for toxicology billing we now offer billing services focused strictly on toxicology.

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Want to maximize your revenue, reduce your expenses, increase your collections, and improve the efficiency of your toxicology lab?  Xmacode Billing is your solutions with our team of experts  that will help increase your efficiency by taking control of the complications specific to the toxicology laboratories billing.


  • Summary Report: Analyze your performance by individual insurance and government payers, or by patient.
  • Claim Payment Report: Allows you to examine each individual payment for any provider, location or facility. Details the unpaid claims for the timeframe you have selected.
  • Daily Billing Activity Report: Provides a detailed review of all billing entries for any date of service selected. Displays total charges, payments and adjustments for each billing entry.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Report: Provides detailed payment information received electronically from various governmental and commercial insurance payers.

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