Toxicology Billing


Managed Billing Services

3 to 5% of Net Collections

(based on volume)


XMACode Software

Software to save Time, Money and Insure accuracy.

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Toxicology Billing

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Rule Based Scrubbing

EDI and ERA Setups



New laboratory setups, Regulatory Compliance, Lab Management, Quality Assurance, Instrument Validation and Procedure Manual assistance.



Focus engineered software for clincial laboratory workflow and transparency. xPortal, xConvert and xRouting

Clinical Laboratory Expertise

Specialized Team of Consultants

Our specialized team of consultant possess the knowledge and know how to produce results that make the difference.

Software Built from Experience

With over 40 years experience in clinical laboratory we have engineered our software to streamline processes to save time and money.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

XMACODE software will provide analytical data from your business to provide transparency every step of the way. From order entry to billing we have you covered.